Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Dead Walkers Preview

2010 is the year of the horror western, as Dead Walkers travels this dusty film landscape. Dead Walkers also shows at the Nevermore Film Festival on February 20th (2:45pm). And with central character Jack Link spouting lines like: ""When God needed a place to shit he built this part of the world....(Dead Walkers)," you know you are in good company. A trailer is now available for Dead Walkers below, but more importantly this is a great opportunity to see the undead on the big screen at Nevermore. Keep in mind this is a horror short with a runtime of thirteen minutes. A synopsis is below.

The synopsis for Dead Walkers:

"Bounty hunter and gunman Jack Link has a knack for trouble, but when he stumbles into a town cursed with the undead, he might have bit off more than he can chew (Dead Walker)."

Director/writer: Spencer Estabrooks.

Writer: Keith Lawrence.

Cast: TC Andrews, Dale Buchanan, and Geoff Cain.

The trailer for Dead Walkers here:

More info at the Dead Walkers website:

Dead Walkers Webpage

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