Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cheerleaders Drive Some to Madness

Stockholm Syndrome has released Madness this week. The film is an Andreas Vaehi production that involves cheerleaders and some lowlife degenerates, who torment two cheerleaders near an isolated gas station. This is an independent film with few early reviews, so if you have seen the film drop a quick line and leave your impressions. The synopsis, one-sheet, cast and crew are provided here.

The full synopsis for Madness here:

"Friends Jenna and Tara are on their way to a cheerleading contest. At a gas station, they decide to help two guys, Chad and Oliver who are having problems with their car. What they do not know is that they are being watched by a group of mad men. Their only intention is to hunt them down and kill for all sorts of sadistic pleasure. After being capture and locked up survival is the only thing that matters but just how afar are they willing to go (Madness)?"

Directors/writers: Sonny Laguna, and David Lijeblad.

Cast: Yohanna Idha, Sonny Laguna, Anna ADolfsson, and Victoria Bloom.

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The homepage for Madness here:

Madness Homepage


Madness at Dead Havey

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