Thursday, December 03, 2009

Outrage and the Off Button: A Partial Film Review

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Outrage is a film produced by Spirit Films and the DVD will hit the streets April 4, 2010. But will fans be able to sit through the poor dubbing? An Ace Cruz film, Outrage might be best left alone as several B list actors fail to save the show. If you want to know the conclusion move along 'cause this reviewer did not make it that far.

Michael Madsen is an ex special forces officer who decides to go on a crime rampage with his hillbilly friends. Yet, the film constantly interlays a narrative about healing rocks, positivity, and a social message that states "violence begets violence." Breaking up the action far too many times with too many message Outrage fails to entertain. But that is not all.

The dubbing of the film is obvious and was performed in post-production. A film needs to get the basics right in order to receive a passing grade. Outrage keeps the camera in focus and the lights on, but really the dubbing takes away from the realism and enjoyment of the film.

Cult favourites Michael Madsen and Michael Berryman cannot bail hard enough to keep this sinking ship afloat! Plus, the film acts like an infomercial for the Secret (Law of Attraction). A film needs to be fun and entertaining not spiritually preachy or overly informative. Outrage has both of these qualities.

Stay away from this one, but look out for Ace Cruz as he seems to be stumbling towards the right track. If you are a sucker for punishment check out the website of the film found below.

Social/Philosophical Significance/Message: 5.
Acting/Believability/Consistency: 6.
Photography/Editing/Use of Sound: 3.75.

Overall: 4.85 rolling eyes out of 10 (like being a part of a cult for an hour and a half).

Outrage Homepage

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