Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kill Theory at Horrorfest 2010!

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Bloody-Disgusting is announcing Kill Theory as an additional film in the 2010 After Dark Film Festival schedule. Comparisons can be made between Saw and the film's synopsis, as friends must kill each other in a brutal game of survival. Not officially added to the schedule at this moment, Kill Theory will be available for fans January 29th, 2010. Have a read of the synopsis below and a gander at a short movie clip from Lionsgate Films.

A synopsis for Kill Theory here:

"The film revolves around a group of close friends who visit a remote vacation home to celebrate their college graduation. While there, they are put to a horrifying test by a mysterious killer who forces them into a game where they have to kill each other in order to survive (Bloody-disgusting)."

Director: Chris Moore.

Writer: Kelly C. Palmer.

Cast: Agnes Bruckner, Taryn Manning, and Patrick Flueger.

A movie clip for Kill Theory:


Kill Theory at Bloody-Disgusting

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