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DJ Perry and Karma: An Exclusive Interview

DJ Perry is a prolific actor who has starred in over fourty movies. He is also the producer of several other films including the upcoming Renovation, Timberwolf and State of Hate. Here, DJ talks not only of the horror film Renovation, but of Karma, Sherwood Horror, Blood Ties and others in this exclusive interview with

(Michael Allen) Hi Perry, thanks for being here and taking part in this interview. The first time I saw you in film was in the picture Blood Ties directed by Nathaniel Nose. In the film you were the central hero in the film. What were some of the highlights in working with Nathaniel on the set of this fairly bloody horror film?

(DJ Perry) Really? Blood Ties was your first? Maybe you will get a chance to explore some other titles. I am sailing here and there in the great sea of films. We tell a story and sail on. Okay, what exactly does that mean? Sometimes I read my own interviews after the fact and wonder, what? Now I am reading after I write. It is like thinking before speaking maybe. Anyway,s I am happy that you had a chance to see Blood Ties. The film released on Oct. 20th, 2009. That was the same day as An Ordinary Killer, a true story crime thriller I starred in, came out. So it was a good and busy time.

Nathaniel Nose was directing his first SAG feature with producer Jeff Burton. I got a call on a weekend from Nathaniel who said what he was doing and that he would love if I would play this character Jake the Snake Stickland. Okay, sounds like Big Time Wrasslin. I asked for the script and he threw a cherry on top saying I could sleep in my own bed because it was filming around central Michigan. The script was a cool violent, drug and nudity filled. A real Scooby Doo deal - mixing in a dose of humor. The long and short is I signed onto play Jake and I had some good fun. Jason Carter (Babylon 5) was a nice guy to chat with and I enjoy him in this film. Nathaniel really has good command of the camera and in part I think that is because he is an actor and editor also. All that plays together and so I would say keep a look out for Mr. Nose’s future work. Obviously he was working on a limited budget but that is where everyone starts.

(MA) I really enjoyed the film too. Nothing beats a well acted and directed crime thriller. Recently you finished principal photography on Renovation, which was shot in Yuma, Arizona. Can you give fans, who do not know the film, a little background on Renovation?

(DJ) Renovation is really a cool fricken movie. The film has several textured levels of action, manipulation and it features a great cast of characters. Renovation is about a bank robbery and hidden money. It is about several people who are willing to be very ruthless in order to get the money. I joked that this film is like Clue going to eleven (old Spinal Tap). I think the film has some tried and true clich├ęs mixed in with some very innovative story telling. I feel I did some of my most intense work here. I actually almost lost my voice after day one, that started with some of my most intense scenes. I have never had that happen, so that is what they told me. Damn, we just turned this one to eleven!

(MA) I have written a couple articles on Renovation and I am looking forward to this thrilling release. Now you are in a picture called Sherwood Horror that re-envisions the Robin Hood legend. What is John Regan's take on this legend and who is your character in the picture?

(DJ) John has taken two major icons, vampires & Robin Hood, and mixed them in a comic what if fashion. The gothic element is replaced with a southern gothic and the Sherwood tale is updated to now. A few years ago I read an excellent King Arthur vs Dracula deal and this had that feel. Everyone will want to see a match up and yes I even knocked the idea with John that I would enjoy a traditional era film but he really pointed out that television and films like Russell Crowe’s version will give audiences a good dose of the traditional. The characters will be fun despite the dark elements in the film, so I am proud to say that I see a little Dukes of Hazzard in the kinfolk closeness that truly exists in the deep south. When the Confederacy fans said, “the South Will Rise Again” I am not sure they understood it would be from vampires! Fear not, good ol' boy Rob Locksley and my merry good ol' boys will be ready to open some cans of whoop ass on these blood thirsty invaders.

(MA) A blend of vampires and Robin Hood is definitely a unique and interesting take on this legend of old, which really could use an update other than Ridley Scott's version. Also, I hear that your film Karma was at a film festival in India. What is your film Karma about?

(DJ) Actually, Karma: Crime, Passion, Reincarnation has played and won festival awards in Greece, China, Brazil, France, Spain and Belgium. It played wide in theaters across India in June of this year (2009). It also just had the first American showing at the MIAAC Film Festival in NYC this past November. It is funny that my first big theatrical showing was in another country. They are looking to work the right deal for the US and so I do hope fans here get to see it. It is a beautiful film with a completely different edge.

(MA) And what is in the future for DJ Perry, film-wise?

As for what is new with me film-wise, I am doing promotions for Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith, which is a biblical film done old school style with Judges director Stephen Walker. I have a contract in front of me as we speak to star in a major motion picture that would be my first major theatrical release in the USA. I am also involved in a cool WW2, POW film called Algona being shot by director Larry Webster. In additional to that I have a few westerns moving down the development line and a sequel to An Ordinary Killer entitled A State of Hate, which I am excited about.

(MA) Wow, I see you are staying busy and although this is a brief interview I want to say thanks for stopping by and updating me on all your latest films. I am really looking forward to Sherwood Horror, but I will check out Renovation too, when the film comes out. Thanks again and stay in touch.

(DJ) I am extremely excited about 2010 and I want to thank you so much Mike for the opportunity to get the word out on a few of my latest projects. I will let you know about all my upcoming projects. Adios, and thanks again.

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