Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trail of Blood First Trailer and Homepage

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A Silent Sun Films horror production, Trail of Blood is currently in post-production. The film, from an initial trailer, is very unsettling and involves a group of campers who become terrorized by a: "veteran who vows to teach them" a bloody lesson. Robert Picardo, Trevor Torseth, and Kandis Erickson star in this independent horror feature that if completed shortly may see a late 2009 release or an early 2010 release date if completed in the new year. A trailer for Trail of Blood can be found below. Now for the synopsis...

A synopsis for Trail of Blood here:

"A gruesome double murder, the blood still fresh on the bodies...

A young Marine recruit and his friends are mistaken for the killers by a disturbed veteran who vows to teach them the horrors of war through a series of torturous mind games.

Their maddening fight for survival will uncover the darkest parts of humanity and leave you breathless (Trail of Blood).

Release Date: 2009.

Directors/writers: Joseph Guerrieri, and Justin Guerrieri.

Cast: Robert Picardo, Trevor Torseth, Kandis Erickson, and Tim Barraco.

The first trailer for the film here:

For more info' on Trail of Blood visit the homepage for the film here:

Trail of Blood Homepage

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