Monday, November 16, 2009

The Shadow Within at the NYHFF

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The Shadow Within is described as a "dark fairy tale," but the film does not look suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen. Very grim and atmospheric The Shadow Within is sure to chill audiences at the New York Horror Film Festival, which kicks-off this week. Silvana Zancolo is the director and Daniel Aarons the writer of this complex tale of ghosts and creeping death. To begin showing Saturday, November 21st The Shadow Within looks like a film that is not to be missed. Check out the full, heavily CGIed, trailer inside.

A synopsis for The Shadow Within here:

"The Shadow Within is a dark fairy tale. In a groom and sinister atmosphere, little Maurice Dumont can’t escape his infernal reality dominated by an inhuman mother who rejects him, an absent father and a ghost brother who refuses to die. In a claustrophobic overwhelming environment, obsessed by dead and living presences, they struggle of the little main character -guilty of surviving to his twin brother- seems to have no way out, as death silently creeps into that old house in the middle of the countryside, as if it was a long waited guest...(New York)."

Director: Silvana Zancolo.

Writers: Daniel Aarons, and Giovanni Eccher.

Cast: Hayley J Williams, Beth Winslet, Laurence Belcher, Bonny Ambrose, and Rod Hallett.

A trailer for the film here:

Additional details on the film here: