Monday, November 16, 2009

The Resurrection of Officer Rollins at the Tribeca Cinemas

Horror short The Resurrection of Officer Rollins will also appear at the New York Horror Film Festival with a first showing at 8:00pm on Thursday, November 19th. To star Derek Mears (Friday the 13th) The Resurrection will be shown in its entirety this week (twenty minutes). To also show Rodney Eastman (Nightmare on Elm Street 3) and Scoot McNairy (In Search of A Midnight Kiss) at their most frightened Resurrection is sure to delight the audience with tales of "diabolical ghouls" and "horrifying rides." Check out all the info' on this horror short below.

The synopsis for The Resurrection of Officer Rollins is shown here:

"A bumbling pair of paramedics, fight for their lives as a patient, is transformed into a diabolical ghoul - during a horrifying ride to the hospital. The two hilarious paramedics fight for their lives in this special-effects-packed supernatural chiller that’s so fiendishly entertaining, it's frightening (New York)."

Director: Nathan Cox.

Writers: Nathan Cox, and Mitch Wilson.

Cast: Scoot McNairy, Rodney Eastman, Kinsey McLean, Robert Hummel and Alexandre Chen.

For more details on Resurrection visit the official New York Film Festival website: