Sunday, November 15, 2009

Prime Time First Horrific One-Sheet Poster

Prime Time is a Spanish language horror film that is now completed and the first available one-sheet poster is shown here. Luis Ramos is the director of this thrilling film that involves a television takeover initiated by hooded terrorists. Alberto Amarilla, Leticia Dolera, and Ana Alvarez star in Prime Time and while a trailer is not ready to be shown the full cast line-up is. Have a look at all the film details inside.

A synopsis for Prime Time here:

"Elena is a psychologist who works with the victims of terrorism. One night, she and her boyfriend are kidnapped by a group of hooded youngsters who are taking part in a macabre TV show (AFM)."

Director: Luis Calvo Ramos.

Writer: Luis Calvo Ramos, and Gorka Magallon.

Cast: Alberto Amarilla, Leticia Dolera, Pablo Puyol, Maria Agudo and Ana Alvarez.

For more details on Prime Time as they become available visit the Prime Time homepage: