Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nightbeasts Full Synopsis and Horror Trivia

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Nightbeasts is a film that was shot on 35mm with veteran and prolific actor Lloyd Kaufman making an appearance (The Toxic Avenger: Part II). The film also highlights the talents of Zach Galligan (Infested), and Robert Miano (Fast & Furious). Nightbeasts is a film that focuses on the bonding between characters Charles (Zach) and Tim (Chad Trager), who are father and son. Nightbeasts is not only a horror picture, but a film deals with the drama of divorce, bankruptcy and the trials of modern life. Recently completed, Nightbeasts is working towards a release date and now, for fans, a full synopsis can be found below, courtesy of director and writer Wes Sullivan. Check out the hilarious trivia, too!

A full synopsis for Nightbeasts here:

"Charles Thomas is a man desperately in need of a second act. Once upon a time, he had a successful lighting company that manufactured low voltage neon. Unfortunately, the company went out of business because of its inability to compete in a new global marketplace. Bankruptcy follows and a drinking problem hounds Charles soon thereafter. More upsets occur when Charles loses his wife Patricia (Holly Wilson) due to the financial strains of the bankrupcy. The loss of primary custody of Tim, his only son, is another devastating blow.


Now, Charles has been sober for several months and he has a great desire to reuinite with his estranged son and to piece together the fragments of his life. Charles decides to take Tim, this suburban youth, on a weekend hunting trip in the mountains, just like the trips his father used to take him on. Charles hopes that this will be a bonding experience and that the hike will repair some of the damage inflicted on their relationship. What neither Charles, nor Tim realizes is that there are horrors of another kind waiting for them in the nearby woods. In the mountain community that Charles has decided to camp in, an ancient horror lurks! The legend of the Sasquatch surfaces from the darkness of the woods and both Charles and Tim must fight for their lives or become two more victims to a horrific native curse (Nightbeasts)."

Director: Wes Sullivan.

Writer: Wes Sullivan.

Cast: Zach Galligan, Robert Miano, Chad Trager, and Holly Wilson.

Random Nightbeasts Trivia:

-Lloyd Kaufman shot all his scenes in a single day.

-the director of Nightbeasts wore elaborate prosthetic make-up to play one of the creatures in the film

-Apesanahquat, who plays Louis Freebird is a real life shaman and chairman of the Menomine Tribe of Wisconsin

-the second unit director was Marko Makilass, the director of Sonte's War

-actor Kevin Glashan, who plays Clarence, is a British actor with a British accent and his accent was disguised in order to play a North American character

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