Friday, November 13, 2009

The Graves Official One-Sheet

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A new one-sheet is now available for The Graves a film written and directed by Brian Pulido. An official Horror Fest Film Festival selection The Graves is delivering some quality promotional material as can be seen in this new one-sheet poster. The movie poster seems to highlight the assets of the female stars Jillian Murphy and Clare Grant, while showing a tease of the horrorifying antagonists in the film. Check out Tony Todd and Bill Moseley near the top of the poster and all the available film details inside.

Director/writer: Brian Pulido.

Cast: Clare Grant, Jillian Murray, Bill Moseley, D. Randall Blythe and Tony Todd.

A bloody trailer for The Graves here:

For more info' on The Graves and other Horrorfest 4 selections visit the official Horror Fest homepage listed below:

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