Thursday, November 26, 2009

Horror Short Zombies and Cigarettes Available Now!

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Sometimes it is nice to watch a film at home instead of running up to the local video store to rent the latest commercial release and now independent horror short Zombies and Cigarettes is available for viewing right here! From Spanish director Rafael Martinez this horror short shows off the make-up talents of Madda Bergeret and Antonio Naranjo with the picture taking place in a zombie infested mall. Very bloody and graphic this horror short shows what European horror can achieve. Rated mature this horror short, as seen below, is suitable for those fourteen and above. Check out the full horror short Zombies and Cigarettes past the break.

Release Date: November 22, 2009.

Director: Rafael Martinez.

Writer: Iñaki San Román.

Cast: Samuel Viyuela Gonzalez, Aroa Gimeno, and Javier Ríos.

The full horror short of Zombies and Cigarettes right here (in English subtitles):

For more info' on the film as it becomes available visit the film's homepage, which is still under construction: