Friday, November 06, 2009

A Full Synopsis for Horror Film Basement Jack and a New Look!

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Another Brink production will release on DVD November 17th known as Basement Jack. A film that blends the slasher films of the 80s with a psychopathic twist Basement Jack is a horrifying film in more ways than one. Serious in tone and execution Eric Peter-Kaiser spent a lot of time in isolation to prepare for his role as Jack Riley (Basement Jack). So, if very bloody is how you like your horror then pre-order yourself a copy. For now, take a look at the full, official synopsis for the film below.

An official synopsis for Basement Jack here:

"Karen Cook was your average high school student...until the night evil invaded her life. She would become the lone survivor of a seven-day killing spree perpetrated by a seventeen year old boy that world would come to call "Basement Jack." For the next eleven years, Karen Cook lived in fear that one day Basement Jack would be released. Her worst nightmare comes true, when Jack Riley is discharged from a state institution due to an unfair hearing.

A year later, murders bearing a shocking resemblance to Basement Jack's old modus operandi begin occurring in the town of Downer's Grove. Karen soon realizes that the maniac is hunting her and that the only option is to find Jack and kill him. So, on a stormy night, the hunt begins. The citizens of Downer's Grove will witness the final battle between good and evil as they fight to survive the bloody blade of...Basement Jack."

Release Date: November 17, 2009.

Director: Michael Shelton.

Writer: Brian Patrick O'Toole.

Cast: Eric Peter-Kaiser, Michele Morrow, Sam Skoryna, and Lynn Lowry.

A trailer for Basement Jack here:

To order yourself a copy of Basement Jack visit See of Sound here:

Basement Jack at See of Sound

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