Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Devil's Music Available December 9

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The winner of the Best Independent Feature at the Fantastic Films Festival (2008), The Devil's Music will be able on DVD starting December 8. A horror film that centers around "shock rocker Ericka Spawn" this film has been receiving high praise since late 2008. Jinx Media is the production co' on this one and Lono Entertainment is distributing throughout North America. If interested in murder and the life of a band on the road a trailer for The Devil's Music is available below.

A synopsis courtesy of Horror UK:

"The movie charts the descent into murder and madness of shock rocker Erika Spawn, with unprecedented access to those involved at the time, and previously unseen footage from the most controversial rock n’ roll story of the decade."

Release Date: December 8, 2009 (DVD).

Director: Pat Higgins.

Writer: Pat Higgins.

Cast: Debbie Attwell, Richard Collins, Lucy Dunn, James Fusher, and Cy Henty.

A trailer for The Devil's Music here:

For an additional article on The Devil's Music here:

The Devil's Music at HorrorUK.com

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