Sunday, November 08, 2009

Corey Haim Returns to Film in American Sunset

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American Sunset was completed in 2009 and now the film will have a kick-off party, this Monday, November 8th. Corey Haim and other filmmakers will be on hand at a "private after party," for those fortunate enough to see the screening of American Sunset, in Los Angeles. Other stars in the film are Frank Molina, Bernie Robichard, and Angela Cullins in a film about the games some people play. Is American Sunset the signal that Corey Haim will make a comeback to films? Meet him at the "after party" and ask him in person. For now, check out the synopsis and trailer below.

A in-depth synopsis for American Sunset here:

"Tom McClean (Corey Haim) awakens to find his wife missing. Their vacation home, now a crime scene, is littered with hidden clues. Amidst the chaos of the investigation, Tom's phone rings and a mysterious voice asks: 'you wanna play a game?' Tom and an ex-war hero, Arturo, currently presenting himself as a quasi P.I. (Frank Molina) team up to begin a treasure hunt set in motion by his wife's captor. The game is simple: a clue, a riddle, and if answered correctly, it brings them one-step closer to rescuing Samantha (Angella Cullins) before she is killed. 'But,' the evil voice reminds them, 'one wrong answer… one missed deadline… and the consequences will be fatal.'

Do YOU wanna play a game?"

Director: Michael Masucci.

Writer: Jackelyn Giroux.

Cast: Corey Haim, Frank Molina, Bernie Robichard, Angela Cullins, Eric A. Leffler, and Caleb Marshal.

A trailer for American Sunset here:

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