Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cast Line-up for Drama Thriller Groupie

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American World Pictures is showing Groupie, a drama/thriller at the AFM today at 1:00pm in Santa Monica. A tragic revenge picture Groupie stars Taryn Manning, and Eric Roberts each of whom might be hiding their "true intentions." Also, set in the backdrop of life on the road as a rock band, all the available info' for Groupie is past the break.

Synopsis for Groupie here:

"Dark Knights are a rock band who do outrageous stunts as part of their show. A year ago, one went terribly wrong, killing and injuring fans, and sparking an urban legend saying The Dark Knights are cursed. Now, as they mount their comeback tour, lead singer Travis (Hal Ozsan), refuses to repeat the stunt that caused the tragedy, disappointing both fans and fellow band members.

Following a show, Travis meets beautiful 20-year-old sculptor Riley (Taryn Manning), who seduces her way into the band's inner circle, much to the chagrin of the band's regular groupies. Against the advice of band manager Angus (Eric Roberts), Travis allows Riley on the tour since she likes the band's music, not their gimmicks. And despite being happily married, Travis succumbs to Riley's sensuality. The Dark Knights comeback continues, more cursed than ever, and Riley's true intentions become clear…

Director: Mark Lester.

Writers: Randall Frakes, and Mike Feifer.

Cast: Taryn Manning, and Eric Roberts.

Visit the AFM homepage for showings: