Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blood Night First Twelve Minutes

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Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet will have an online release through the website of the film beginning Novemenber 22, 2009. A film that is very graphic and living up to the name, the first twelve minutes of Blood Night can be seen here. But be forewarned the footage is mature in nature, very graphic, and not suitable for younger viewers, seriously (scenes of rape and murder)! As well, Blood Night has been available on DVD since October 30, 2009. Check out the twelve minute unedited footage for Blood Night below. Again, the reel is for those eighteen and above.

Read the synopsis for Blood Night here and steel yourself for what is below:

"Long Island, 1978: A young girl named Mary Mattock gruesomely murders her family and is locked away at the notorious Kings Park Psychiatric Center. Ten years later Mary escapes, leaving a grizzly wake of bodies and blood. Gunned down by the police, Mary meets her own demise outside the sanitarium walls. This incident gave birth to the legend of Mary Hatchet’s walking ghost and the mischievous night named in honor of her death, Blood Night (Blood Night)!"

Release: November 22,2009

Director: Frank Sabatella

Writer: Frank Sabatella

Cast: Danielle Harris, Samantha Facchi, Bill Moseley and Nate Dushku (is there a horror film Bill Moseley is not in)?

The full clip can be found here (will not embed here):

Opening 12 Minutes from Blood Night

For a trailer of Blood Night visit here:

Blood Night Homepage and Trailer

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