Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blood and Hunger at the NYHFF

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Produced by Flame47, Hunger is a horror short that will show at the New York Horror Film Festival this Friday. The show starts at 7:30 and Hunger was shot mostly in the dark and winding streets of Croatia. Daniel Betts, Nadia Cameron-Blakely and Zarko Pusic show off their talents in this mysterious thriller that may or may not involve vampires. Have a look at the plot and trailer, for this tale of redemption, inside.

A synopsis for Hunger here:

"Stranded for the night in a foreign city, Saul (Daniel Betts) is a businessman who’s given up on all his hopes for the future, in his own words he is ‘existing, not living’...

When the city proves hostile, dangerous and confusing, Saul retreats into its labyrinthine backstreets, where a chance encounter with a mysterious and seductive woman (Nadia Cameron-Blakey) seems to offer an escape. What Saul takes initially to be the prospect of a cheap thrill rapidly becomes much more. As events spiral out of his control, Saul realises that this one night could be his last and only chance for redemption.


…but the woman it seems, has quite different plans for him (NYHFF)."

Director: Stephen Johnson

Writer: Scott Bassett

Cast: Daniel Betts, Nadia Cameron-Blakey, Zarko Pusic and Judita Frankovic.

Release: November 20, 2009

A trailer for Hunger here:

For more info' on Hunger and other horror films at the NYHFF check out the official website here:

Hunger at the NYHFF

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