Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dahmer vs. Gacy: An Interview with Director Ford Austin

Ford Austin is the star of many films across genres and the director of close to two dozen films; now, Ford takes a pause from a busy shooting and post-production schedule to talk about "Dahmer vs. Gacy" a serial killer focused horror film that pits two of the most notorious murderers against rogue military scientists. The film is focused on action and characters with several known stars taking part including Brooke Lewis, Art LaFleur, Randal Malone, Ethan Phillips, Harland Williams Bonnie Aarons, Irwin Keyes, Elissa Dowling, Felissa Rose, Jed Rowen, Peter Zhutski and several others.

Currently in post-productions "Dahmer vs. Gacy" will be available for fans at a future date, but for now have a look at the films premise, first-hand, in this one of a kind interview from filmmaker, and horror enthusiast Ford Austin.

(Michael Allen) Hello Ford, thanks for picking up the phone today and talking about "Dahmer vs. Gacy" today. Can you tell me about the premise for "Dahmer vs. Gacy?"

(Ford Austin) "The movie is a &^%ing incredible film and the amazing thing that came together on the set of 'Dahmer vs Gacy' is that they [Dahmer, Gacy] have not come together on set ever. It is the only movie you are ever going to see the head of the Lollipops Guild killed from the 1939s 'Wizard of Oz,' it is Jerry Maren. He plays a man who lost his shirt in the stock market and now he is a mime on the streets and he is trying to make money. He gets slaughtered on the streets by John Wayne Gacy, in full clown make-up, and played by Randal Malone. And then you turn around and five minutes into the film you watch Steven Adler of Guns and Roses fame, people know him from 'Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab (Soberhouse),' he is hanging out in a bar in the valley and winds up getting picked up by Jeffrey Dahmer. He takes him back to a house while he is getting blow-jobs for coke. Jeffrey Dahmer picks him up, takes him back to a house, gives him some crazy drugs in the basement that *&^%s him up beyond compare, drills him in the head, turns him into a sex zombie and rapes him."

(Michael Allen) (Laughing uncontrollably) I have to say this sounds hilarious and I like the premise. Let me catch my breath. What else can fans expect to see from the "Dahmer vs Gacy?"

(FA) "There is a lot going on. The whole movie is about the government running a secret program where they are genetically cloning every serial killer from the past sixty years. They are cloning the DNA from all the serial killers from the last sixty years into a giant super serial killer who is being played by Ethan Phillips of 'The Island' and 'Star Trek Voyager.' Ethan Phillips is the amalgam of this genetic abhoration of all the serial killers. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy they escape the lab during an explosion and they start hunting down some of the scientists who created them. After killing off the one who is controlling them, who is played by Art LaFleur (Field of Dreams, Air America), they break out of the facility."

(Michael Allen) Why is the government cloning all these serial killers?

(FA) "Because it is the most stupidest thing ever! It is something the government would do and they are cloning them so they can create this super serial killer so they can send him to Iraq. Eventually they send out this super serial killer to kill John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer. So, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Gacy they go on this huge campaign across the city where they are just murdering people one-by-one they are getting closer and closer to tracking down this scientist who is running the program and he has gone into hiding. They eventually track him down.

Along the way there is this other guy Ringo he is living in a trailer in the middle of nowhere and God starts talking to him. God starts telling him you have to go and kill these people, you have to find these serial killers, and you have to wash this evil off of the planet. Also, God is played by Harland Williams."

(Michael Allen) Harland Williams the comedian?

(FA) "He is playing God. He is in 'Something About Mary.' Harland was in 'Freddy Got Fingered,' he was in 'Half-Baked,' he is great."

(MA) What other actors where involved in "Dahmer vs. Gacy?"

(FA) "We have Felissa Rose from "Sleepaway Camp." We have Irwin Keyes from the original "Friday the 13th," he was the busboy, uncredited. He was also in the "Warriors." He was in one of the "Death Wishes." You will recognize him instantly. Then we have this other actress named Bonnie Aarons. She is in the new "Drag Me to Hell" and she was in "Mulholland Drive." Then we have Lee Perkins and we have some really sexy women in there. We have Brooke Lewis for sure and we have Katie Lohmann, who was a Playboy Playmate from April 2001. We have Alana Curry, who most recently was in "Revamped" that was the Jeff Rector film. We have Jamie Carson (Blood & Guts) and we have this new girl, who is going to blow-up soon her name is Anya Benton. She has only done a few things, but oh my gosh, she is really beautiful. Then there is Elissa Dowling who is a very sexy hitchhiker who gets picked up by Jeffrey Dahmer. She has like thirteen movies coming out right now.

But, really Brooke Lewis hit a home run with this one. She plays this woman who runs a televangelistic ministry and she ends up talking through the television set to this God fanatic. God, she has such an incredible turn where she really channels Tammy Faye Baker and her mascara is running, she is crying to baby Jesus, she is praying, she is just phenomenal.

(MA) I recently interviewed Brooke Lewis and she was a lot of fun to talk to for "iMurders."

(FA) "She is great to work with. I can't wait to see 'iMurders.' I think that plays at the Action on Film Festival later this month. Another one of my movies is playing there this month 'Falling Down' starring Marc Wasserman who is nominated for several awards at the Action On Film Festival. It is not a horror film, but it has this one scene where this guy, after raping all these women, gets his dick bitten off and spit in his face. It is pretty awesome."

(MA) Ouch, that sounds super gory and is a must see. Do you have any other film projects on the go?

(FA) "I have this other movie that I am ready to go into production on called 'Cannibal Cop.' We are in development on it right now. I have the first script and I have been talking to Sybil Danning about the role. Of course I am going to bring over as many actors over from 'Dahmer vs Gacy' for 'Cannibal Cop.'"

(MA) What is "Cannibal Cop" about?

(FA) "Let us just say there is a cop who is the top of the LA PD force who is abducted by a drug-lord, in Los Angeles. He puts him in a cage and feeds him human flesh to survive. This transforms him into a cannibal. Once the cops find the lair and break into it they discover the horrific results."

(MA) He must become totally crazed by the time they find him.

(FA) "Yes, he is and eventually he becomes a cannibal cop. The police force, in the city of Los Angeles, they use him to fight crime. Because not only is he an amazing cop, but now he has the ability to strike fear into the hearts of the criminals because you do not get taken to jail you get eaten alive!"

(MA) I am looking forward to this one 'cause I am a big fan of the "Maniac Cop" series. What are some last words on "Dahmer vs. Gacy?"

(FA) "I really believe "Dahmer vs Gacy" is going to blow a lot of people away. Also, filming begins in 2011 for 'Dahmer vs. Gacy 2' So, definitely check out both films and thanks for the press."

(MA) Thanks goes out to Ford Austin for taking some time out from post-production on "Dahmer vs. Gacy" to clue horror fans in to the premise of the film and I know I am looking forward to the film and so are lots of other fans. Stay tuned for a release date on "Dahmer vs. Gacy," once the film wraps up production, and a future article on "Box of Shadows" a horror outing from Ford Austin.