Monday, June 08, 2009

Trap Moves Into Production

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"Trap," a kidnapping thriller, moves into production this week and this darkly themed feature will star Allen Perada (Body Snatchers), Alonzo F. Jones, and Annemarie Pazmino. Involving "a middle aged kidnapper who falls in love with his 16 year old victim" the film will touch on some controversial themes from scriptwriter Jason Horton (Edges of Darkness, Rise of the Undead).

Have a look at the announced cast and crew until more information comes this way.

Director: Jason Horton.

Writer: Jason Horton.

Cast: Allen Perada, Alonzo F. Jones, Ashton Blanchard, and Annemarie Pazmino.


Jason Horton. Interview. 7 June 2009.


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