Monday, June 22, 2009

Live Evil: An Interview with Lee Perkins

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After watching "Live Evil" I was fortunate enough to get in touch with actor Lee Perkins who plays Officer Hicks in the film. The film focuses on vampires in search of pure blood throughout the state of California with vampires fighting other mutant vampires for the last of the uncontaminated blood. Also, involved in shooting with Lee were Ken Foree and Tim Thomerson. The film is currently in negotiations for North American distribution and this campy flick, which is quickly paced, will offer a little something for almost every horror fan. Plus, there are vampire babies! Have a read of this in-depth interview with prolific actor and horror enthusiast Lee Perkins inside.

(Michael Allen) How did you get into filmmaking?

(Lee Perkins) "My mom said I started when I was very young as a carrot in a first grade play. So I guess you could say it was 'planted in me'. Sorry, that is such a bad joke. I really didn't think of it as a profession until I did the film 'Freejack.' Once I saw how cool big a film could be, I was bitten."

(MA) Is there a specific genre that you like to work in?

(LP) "Horror has been great, but I enjoy anything that challenges me. I have been doing a lot of period films over the years and my wish list is long. A war film or cowboy pic' would be great along with a sci-fi film. Last year I worked in a bunch of comedies and that has been stretching me as I always thought of myself as more of a drama guy."

(MA) Do you enjoy working in horror?

(LP) "That one is easy...a big fat yes. The people in horror are so cool, very supportive of each other - it is a world that more people should investigate."

(MA) In 2008 you starred in "Live Evil" a vampire film where vampires can no longer find drinkable blood. Can you tell fans a little more about the premise of "Live Evil" and how your character fits into the film?

(LP) "Blood is no longer fit for vampires. That is what the film is about and because of that, there are many different types. I guess you would call them mutants. I play Officer Hicks and because of my agreement, I really cannot say much about my character. Yea...I know that sucks, but what can ya do?!"

(MA) Yes, in "Live Evil" you play Officer Hicks and without giving anything away let us say your character has a surprise in store for fans. Do you like playing a character with a few tricks or surprises up their sleeve?

(LP) "Clever boy - nice play on words! Yea, I think every actor looks for surprises. I always want to see something I have never seen before. That is why I'm not a big fan of all the remakes. I only enjoy them when they expand the original story, but sadly most do not."

(MA) One of the scenes you are in involves a liberal amount of gore and intense action with dialogue. Did you have a lot of prep' time for make-up? And how much rehearsal or choreography goes into a scene like the one you are in on Route 66?

(LP) "The director, Jay Woelfel is very experienced, so he had the scene mapped out in his mind. We were shooting fast, but still had time to make sure everything was safe. And when you are working with someone like Tim Thomerson, there are no worries. He is so experienced that you know he will be safe. That being said, you still have to be on your toes, but no tears on this one."

(MA) When will fans be able to see "Live Evil" in theatres or on DVD? Can you introduce fans to other future horror genres films you are a part of i.e. "Carnies" or "Edges of Darkness"? Where are these films in production?

(LP) "Mark Terry, the producer said that they are signing a distribution deal as we speak. So, an announcement should be coming shortly for "Live Evil." As for the other horror pics', "Edges of Darkness" is now invading Japan and was on TV in the UK earlier this year. "Carnies" is still in post and I heard that they have just shot a new scene or two. The last time I saw it was a few months ago when I did some ADR. "The Living Corpse" is an animated film and I laid down a voice track for it about a year ago. They are now doing the animation of each character and I cannot wait to see what it looks like. The comic book by the same name looks outstanding. "Dahmer vs Gacy" has a very large and funny cast. It has been in post for about three months. "Psychosomatika" is also in post and I am hoping it will be seeing the light of day later this year. It is a very wild and crazy film and people are going to love this one. Not sure where "Strawberry Cliff" will end up. It might be horror, but it could also be sci-fi. It was shot in LA and in China. The director, Chris Chow wrote "Blood: The Last Vampire"."

Check out Lee Perkins when "Live Evil" is released continentally for now check up on some of the other announcements involving Lee including his work with "Slime City Massacre," and "Edges of Darkness," posted here. Plus, prepare for one of the first movie reviews on "Edges of Darkness," ever.