Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Basement Jack on DVD this Fall

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A throwback to "80s slasher films" "Basement Jack," will deliver thrills and chills through BrinkDVD this fall. A film with a back story and made for an independent budget of 500K "Basement Jack," is sure to entertain those in search of deranged serial killers. The first one-sheet poster and trailer look devilishly delicious and must be picked up by horror film fans as some of the early reviews have described the film as "'A New Dimension in Horror Filmmaking.'"

A synopsis for "Basement Jack," here...

"Eleven years ago Jack Riley Killed fifteen people including his own mother before he was finally brought down by a policeman’s bullet. He was just seventeen at the time. For eleven years Jack Riley, or Basement Jack as christened by the media, lived quietly in a state asylum until now. Jack Riley has been released but his madness remains. Haunted by his past he kills again but this time there is someone waiting. Karen Cook has waited eleven long years to seek revenge for what was done to her family and end her pain. If she could just find him before more victims fall to his silvery blade (Brink)."

Release Date: 3rd Quarter.

Director: Michael Shelton.

Writer: Brian Patrick O'Toole.

Cast: Eric Peter-Kaiser, Michele Morrow, Sam Skoryna, and Lynn Lowry.

A trailer for "Basement Jack," here...


David Pike (Brink DVD). Press Release. 8 June 2009.


Zacery Nova said...

For a low budget flick, the gore in this looks pretty good. And the shot of a shadowy machete overlaying an unaware repairman is to die for.

- Zac

Michael Ross Allen said...

Yes, I want to review this one, but distributors don't like to give out freebies. Directors are a little more giving 'cause they see creativity while distributors see dollars.

Konagal said...

My son was in the movie and now I don't know how to get a copy as my contact for this film is no longer involved. My son is Dakota Carter and he played Mark Caffola. He is one of the only actors in the film that survives!

Michael Ross Allen said...

Hey Konagal,

The DVD is coming out in late August '09 and you can purchase the DVD then by going here: