Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Midnite Madness Continues

"Penance," finished production in 2008 and now the film, from writer and director Jake Kennedy, is participating in Fangorias Midnite Madness with a screening this May 30, 2009. Starring a host of celebrities including Tony Todd (Candyman, Masters of Horror), Tracy Coogan (Zombie Honeymoon), James Duval (Cornered), and Michael Rooker (Replicant) the eight dollar ticket price to view this independent film is a steal. And those fortunate enough to be in the Beverly Hills area for the screening might get to meet some of the filmmakers including Irish born actress Mrs. Coogan, director Kennedy and character actor Mr. Rooker. Unfortunately, some of us will be too far away to take part, but for others do not miss this opportunity!

The synopsis for "Penance," here...

A young mother decides to become a stripper to earn some fast cash only to find her worst nightmares are about to begin (Internet).

For a trailer of "Penance," visit here:

Penance at UHM

And for information on tickets call the Fine Arts Theatre at (310) 360-0455 or in person at 8556 Wilshire Blvd.

The latest promotional movie still from Tracy Coogan's camp:


Penance at IMDB


Anonymous said...

Wow, the trailer for Penance is awful. Nothing original or interesting at all.

Michael Allen said...

"Penance" is actually getting good reviews despite being called "cheap" and "dirty." Here is one review:

There are several more.