Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Dead Outside North American Premiere

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"The Dead Outside," from Mothcather Films is premiering in San Francisco at the Another Hole in the Head Film Festival this June 7th, 2009. Filmed in Scotland this apocalyptic toned film will first be shown at the Roxie Cinema on Valencia for horror film fans. For those unable to make the festival "The Dead Outside," can be seen by purchasing the DVD through the films homepage listed below. Have a look at the trailer for this mysterious and chilling film from first time director Kerry Anne Mullaney inside.

A plot summary for "The Dead Outside," here...

Following the outbreak of a terrifying, brain-disease inducing virus, a botched anti-viral program designed to stop mass panic turned millions into carriers, leading to a catastrophic collapse of the population. The dying victims wander desperate, confused, violent, or scared; always in the dark… until now (Dead).

With the cause of the outbreak and the fate of the wider world largely unknown to him, Daniel, a man desperate and recently bereaved, finds refuge in a crudely fortified but once-working farm in the Scottish countryside. In the face of evidence of recent life, and recent killings in the form of a mass grave, something is not quite right with Braehead Farm (Dead).

Unexpected company arrives in the form of a mysterious young girl, who claims the farm as her own. As Daniel struggles to come to terms with his new life, and keep a grip on his own fragile sanity, the mysteries surrounding the farm and its young inhabitant are revealed to run far deeper than he first thought. In a desperate world, true evil lurks in the most unexpected of places (Dead).

Director: Kerry Anne Mullaney.

Writers: Kris R. Bird, and Kerry Anne Mullaney.

Cast: Sandra Louise Douglas, Alton Milne, Sharon Osdin, Vivienne Harvey, John Erskine, Phylis Douglas, Robin Morris, and Max Adair.

A trailer for "The Dead Outside," can be seen right here..

The Dead Outside Official Trailer #1 from Kris Bird on Vimeo.

For more information including some grainy stills check out the films homepage found here...

The Dead Outside Homepage


The Dead Outside at


Unknown said...

Not seen the trailer yet, but what's with all these 'post-apocalyptic'/ 'apocalyptic' thingamajigs coming out recently?

- Zac

Anonymous said...

I would like to see this.

Could this be a taste of the future what with things like swine flu etc.

-Peewee Hopkins

Michael Allen said...

Zac have you not heard the world ends in 2012, according to the Mayans; so, live it up buddy, lol!

Peewee I think Maurice Kelly talks more about swine flu in his film "2084," but yes the premise to this one looks very much like the swine flu probably more virulent in the film.

There's this great online game called "Pandemic 2," that simulates a virus and shows how hard it is for a viral outbreak to spread. Check it out.

Unknown said...

2012, eh? At least I'll be out of High School by then!

- Zac