Monday, April 27, 2009

GPS: An Interview with DJ Perry

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DJ Perry is a writer, actor and producer for several films across genres. His recent film credits include "Ghost Town: The Movie," and "Blood Ties;" as well, this prolific filmamker has over a dozen other projects currently in pre or post-production. Now, Perry takes some time out from his busy acting and writing schedule to talk briefly about "GPS," an adventure tale that has recently been released and reported here (March 31, 2009). Taking on the role of antagonist in "GPS," Perry uses a duality in his characterization to offer something special for film fans and some of the details on his approach to acting and future DJ Perry film productions can be found here.

(28DLA) Can you tell me about your role in the film "GPS?" What type of a process does an actor, like yourself, go through in preparation for playing any type of a role?

(DJ Perry) "I play Sam a rival treasure hunter in “GPS the Movie” released recently to DVD. I will let you into something and maybe viewers will notice. I had read this Johnny Depp interview in Playboy where he talked about blending fictional or actual people into his roles. I think the Keith Richards and Jack Sparrow mix became well known. I had used this technique once in “Judges,” playing the bounty hunter Buddy Colt infusing the role with a little "Blaze of Glory," Jon Bon Jovi. Sam’s role required someone who is crass and loud, complains and the first person I thought of was Archie Bunker from the “All in the Family,” TV show. So, Sam is a nice blend of humor and asshole."

(28DLA) What was the experience like playing Sam in "GPS?" Did you enjoy becoming the villain in this feature?

(Perry) "The villain is always fun to play. Sam was partnered with Hallie Shepherd who plays his love interest Frankie. Despite the manly name she is a hot blonde so no Brokeback "GPS," here. Instead, bad boy gets the hot girl. I also got to punk out leads Bob and Andrew played by Paul Proios and Daniel Magill. So, I enjoyed it immensely!"

(28DLA) In the film your were working with Eric Colley (Going Straight, Observation Room). What was your experience like working with director and screenwriter Eric Colley?

(Perry) "First, I will also add that my Frankie, Hallie Shepherd and Sean Gleaves also are credited with the scripts which I think was a great mix of thriller and humor. It had that great 80s movie feel. Eric Colley is very cool to work with and open to ideas. That said he also has a strong vision of what he wants and is happy to explain to an actor why he wants to go in a certain direction. The other great thing about Eric is that he IS an actor so he knows what we are asking for in terms of direction. I would very much like to work with Eric again in the future."

(28DLA) Perry you have over a dozen films in pre production or nearing completion including the dramatic thriller "The Stalker Within," and an action adventure, which you wrote, "Timberwolf," are there any other projects that you would like viewers to know about?

(Perry) "I have got a slate of films including three westerns "Wild Michigan," "Scarlet Creek," a pot movie "Buds," a comedy "The Science of Cool," a crime drama "A State of Hate," and I just finished a script for a tighten on a sword and sorcery picture "Pandemonium," working with a UK/Romania company. So as you can see I’m keeping busy.

Horror fans be looking for “Dog,” and “Blood Ties,” coming out this year!"

Special thanks to talent scout and public relations manager Herbert M. Brindl for facilitating the interview.

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