Saturday, April 25, 2009

Going Global

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Herbert Brindl drops me a line on "GPS," an action thriller set in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Involving a group of enthusiastic treasure hunters in search of millions this group will have to contend with other adventurists with the same goal. Released recently on DVD this feature involves DJ Perry a prolific actor and the stylish writings of Eric Colley. Not to be missed the theatrical trailer can be found here and for more information check out the "GPS," homepage in the sources section.

A synopsis for "GPS the Movie," here...

A group of adventure seeking college kids embark on a GPS treasure hunt in the Northwest wilderness. They are led to believe they will find two million dollars in cash. When they arrive at the treasure location they find what appears to be a grave. They dig up the grave to find a small coffin. What they find inside is shocking. Are the contents of the coffin real or is it all part of the game (GPS)?

Release Date: March 31, 2009.

Rating: Restricted for some violence.

Director: Eric Colley.

Writer: Eric Colley, and Hallie Shepherd.

Cast: Daniel Magill, Paul Proios, Nicola Anderson, Danielle Arnold, Artine Brown, Erika Swan, Jeff D. Howard, Hallie Shepherd, and DJ Perry.

A trailer for "GPS," here...

GPS the Movie Trailer


GPS the Movie Homepage


Anre said...

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