Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chris Shadley's Nine Dead: Exclusive Pictures

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As reported earlier this month "Nine Dead," from director Chris Shadley and starring Melissa Joan Hart as Kelley, is moving towards a release date once North American and international distribution is secured. In the meantime, Shadley has forwarded several never before seen photos for fans and the pictures show, for the first time, Shooter played by John Terry forefront and in action while the cameras were rolling. For those interested in the film there are several websites below for "Nine Dead," that if given a little more fan support might move this picture into the hands of horror enthusiasts a lot sooner. Have a look at all six photos past the break as this anonymous villain delights in torturing his prey all while behind darkened hood and mask.

* For full view click on each still.

Chip Bent as Sully with Melissa Joan Hart in an unknown location.

Shooter holding a gun to the camera.

Shooter now mobile.

Melissa Joan Hart looking for help via text message.

William Lee Scott as Jackson in the foreground.

Chris Shadley coaching Melissa Joan Hart before a scene.

For more information on "Nine Dead," check out the website:

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And Facebook support page...

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