Tuesday, March 03, 2009

In Deep Space Pandorum Awakens: Movie Stills, and Trailer

"Pandorum," does not have a literal translation, but pandora translates; "an ancient Greek myth whereby women came into existence as a punishment for the theft of fire by Prometheus," and is the name of a science-fiction action, horror film that comes to theatres this September 4, 2009. Starring mixed martial artist Cung Le, Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma), and Dennis Quaid the distributors for "Pandorum," are releasing the first movie stills and trailer for the film. See the first stills here.

Release Date: September 4, 2009.

Rating: Unknown (trailer looks restricted territory).

Director: Christian Alvart.

Writer(s): Christian Alvart, and Travis Milloy.

Producer: Paul W. S. Anderson.

Cast: Dennis Quaid, Cam Gigandet, Ben Foster, Norman Reedus, Cung Le, Niels-Bruno Schmidt, Andre Hennicke, and Yanzom Brauen.

A synopsis...

"Pandorum," revolves around the terrifying story of two crew members stranded on a spacecraft who quickly realize they are not totally alone. Two astronauts awaken in a hyper-sleep chamber aboard a seemingly abandoned spacecraft. It's pitch black, they are disoriented, and the only sound is a low rumble and creak from the belly of the spacecraft. They cannot remember anything - who are they? What is their mission? The only way out of the chamber is a dark and narrow airshaft (Internet).

Corporal Bower (Foster), the younger of the two, crawls inside, while the other, Lt. Payton (Quaid), stays behind for guidance on a radio transmitter. As Bower ventures deeper and deeper into the ship, he begins to uncover a terrifying reality. Slowly the spacecraft's shocking and deadly secrets come unraveled, and the astronauts realize that the survival of mankind hinges on their actions (Internet).

A trailer for the film here:

Additional movie stills at Cinemablend.


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