Thursday, February 26, 2009

Behind the Scenes with Director Edward Anderson: Exclusive Interview

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Edward Anderson is the writer of 2007s "Flawless," and now he takes the director's chair, for the first time in "Shuttle." Premiering at the "South by Southwest: Film Festival," in Austin, Texas. "Shuttle," will make a debut at select cities across America through March and April.

First off, thank-you Mr. Anderson for taking the time out to answer a few questions for fans of your films and the horror film genre. Outside of the premiere in Austin, Texas can you tell me in which select cities "Shuttle," will play in?

"Theatrically, it will be released in the U.S. in March -- Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Denver. Then (to) DVD in April."

As well Anderson brings us up to date on the film's success in Europe.

"It's (Shuttle) also played some foreign festivals - including Germany's Fantasy Film Fest, and will open in London's Fright Fest next month."

Magnolia Releasing, the distributors are delivering the film, to stores through promotion company Magnet in April 7, 2009. Can you tell us the budget for the film? And can fans expect anything exciting from the DVD of "Shuttle?"

"...(The films) budget was under $3 million." And, "The DVD will include a behind-the-scenes look (from Shuttle), and deleted scenes."

Your crime/drama genre film "Flawless," was told from character Laura Quinn's (Demi Moore) first person narrative, can you tell us how the story unfolds in "Shuttle?"

"Hopefully, the film works on a couple levels. Straight, hardcore thrill-ride for some, clue-filled dark riddle for others. And without getting into spoiler territory, there's a contemporary context that grounds the story. It's somewhat inverted, although that's really the point..."

From horror film boards and forums there is an excitement building for the horror film "Shuttle," and from early reviews most everything, about the feature comes across as suspenseful and tense. But let's see what the audiences have to say as the film moves, possibly to a city in your area this March 6, 2009. Again, special thanks to Edward Anderson for taking the time off, from film work to partake in this online interview.

A theatrical trailer for "Shuttle," with movie poster here:

"Shuttle," movie poster and trailer.


"Edward Anderson Director of Shuttle." Shuttle (2009): 26 February 2009

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