Sunday, December 21, 2008

À l'Intérieur (Inside) the Mind of a Killer

The synopsis...

Sarah, a pregnant photographer is part of a vehicle collision that leaves her partner and the other occupants of a vehicle, apparently dead. Suffering from grief Sarah numbly staggers through life until four months later when an unexpected visitor knocks on the door (Internet).

A mysterious woman hovers around the outside of Sarah's house and despite a police presence a stalker manages to gain access to the house. With scissors and violence at hand this deadly black widow lashes out at Sarah for an apparent previous wrong-doing. Blood is spilt on the walls, floors, and ceilings and the house turns into a canvas of death as one lady looks for redemption at the end of a blade (Internet).

Rating: Restricted for strong bloody violence, gruesome and disturbing content, and language.

Release Date: October 17, 2007 (Screamfest Film Festival).

Starring: Beatrice Dalle, Alysson Paradis, Nathalie Roussel, Francois-Regis Marchasson, Jean-Baptiste Tabourin, and Dominique Frot.

Directors: Alexandre Bustillo, and Julien Maury.

Writer: Alexandre Bustillo.

Completely unforgettable, French film "A L'Interieur," uses visual effects to immerse the viewer into a world that is horrific and a joy/shock to the eyes. The action and intensity of this film kicks off quickly as a car accident takes place, and the gore of the film only increases in later scenes. The brutal tone of the film is set early. Throughout several later scenes liters and liters of blood literally cover almost every set piece in the film. Even several of the characters look like beasts risen from some sort of blood-soaked nightmare.

Several French horror films are coming out presently and include; "Martyrs," "Frontier(s)," with "A L'Interieur;" each of these movies do not hold back on showing gore or coddle the viewer from the horrors of violence. It is completely unfathomable how "A L'Interieur," did not receive an NC-17 rating as the violence is gratuitous and the sole purpose of the plot is to horrify the viewer. This film goes to any lengths in order to make the viewers feel shock.

The writing of "A L'Interieur," is full of surprises as writer Alexandre Bustillo looks to push the boundaries of cinema by adding several bloody hack and slash scenes. Much of the second half hour of the film is spent in one bathroom set as Sarah fends off attack after attack from a crazed female murderess. The writing of the film allows for a great deal of additional make-up and costume creations and the suspense of the film only decreases after the antagonist reveals her true identity. In addition, the ending might leave some viewers wanting another half hour of film as the outcome of the main character's life is hidden. The message of the film is left open to the viewer and interpretations might vary from the difficulties of child birth, to jealousy, and the misfortunes/fortunes of fate.

See "A L'Interieur," and decide what the message of the film is for yourself while enjoying this fun, graphic tale of motherhood and death. Often gory, sometimes laughable, and frequently fun "A L'Interieur," is one of the best horror films from 2007.

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