Saturday, December 20, 2008

13 Hours in a Warehouse Is One and A Half Hours Too Long

Five small time thieves hide out in a local warehouse until the heat dies down. Thirteen hours until their flight leaves means these thieves must spend a lot of time telling silly jokes while some funny looking ghosts meander around the halls killing folks(Internet).

Rating: Restricted for violence including some torture, language and brief sexuality.

Release Date: October 28, 2008.

Starring: Paul Cram, Chars Bonin, Carson Lee, Cody Lyman, Danny Salmen, and Meisha Johnson.

Director: Dav Kaufman.

Writer: Dav Kaufman.

And now for a very short review....

Brutal acting, zero budget, no initial hook, and a meandering story that is confusing at best. From the first forty-five minutes of the film nothing really happens and the characters sit around telling mundane Robin William stories. All of the filming is shot on one location with a digital camcorder and "13 Hours in a Warehouse," is not worth seeing or sitting through to find out how the film ends.

A trailer for this low, low, low budget nonsense: